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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The champions league is here!!
Hmmmh,first there was the golden league,where those who were blessed with legs that have superchargers,go at each other for some bars of gold worth 1Million dollars!!Then there was the Tri-Nations where men who have had world food eating records usually go for some brawls in the open to find out who exactly has eaten the most food and consequently become much bigger.

Then the olympics which more or less just accumulates almost every other sport that mankind ever decided to come up with to get rid of the disease called boredom,and people worldwide were soooo enthralled by some performances of some guys whose muscles are not so human and have great endurance ability.

Now,the entertainment that rocks is here again,featuring some Millionaires who still flaunt their childhood hobbies of juggling theDonkey-leather-covered sample of air aka soccer ball,amongst themselves while trying to slot it into a space that is netted.

The only talent they have is the ability to twist their leg 360 degrees while juggling the coveted piece of leather.This makes for some Grrrreat entertainment for my species....

Monday, September 08, 2008

Olympics recap season 1 episdode 1
Yes this is where some swimmer by the names of michael phelps aka "Human Fish" has decided that he came along to the olympics with some eraser in hand and ended up erasing all previous records set in the 'human fish' competition.

This guy also proved that apart from his amphibian status,he also has a magnetic attraction for golden items,and he made those responsible keep dressing him up in round golden kind of things,the rewards for showing people how much of a human fish he can be.

So while everyone else was comfortably settling for just one of those golden items,this guy wanted the total loot,leaving the rest of those competing with him for the honors weeping all the way home and considering some options like suing Phelps for malicious damage to their egos...Crazy Human fishmen?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Invasion of the Moneymen!!
I am wondering what is going on with all the money-men lately.They have deicided that they are tired of keping their money within the confines of their pockets lest the money burst out and cause grave injury to the people concerned.

So,what do they do?they decide to open up charities where the recipients are not the needy,but millionaires!So,it's just like a Billionaire donating money to a Millionaire!This especially ture for the game of soccer aka real football.First it was some guys belonging to sone J.P Morgan thing purchasing Manchester UNited,then came Mr Moneybags,One Abramovich who shook the status quo and make every other club owner look like a pauper.He proceeded to pay the millionaire players he had record wages such that they became more interested in money that running around a soccer pitch chasing goatskin.

Some others have come in now,and going by the interest in that region,soccer clubs in England will receive 'The Invasion of the Turbaned guys' kind of thing soon.

Some guys come over and buy off a club called Manchester city and buy some Brazilian kid who really knows how to perform the samba dance with the goatskin ball around his ankles,then they proceed to pay him enough money to make the lad go crazy.So soon i think the kid will start playing less samab soccer and instead will be daydreaming on the pitch about all the money flowing into his account endlessly,so he will eventually have to be sacked for toomuch daydreaming and less play.

These Billionaires emanate from a region known to flow with black gold and are said to have run out of safes to keep their money and have decided to rain it upon some millionaires.....That is Money sense!!