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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics are here and everyone is waiting for the endurance giys to do their thing.Of course some people want to see the side events like a certain Michael Phelps,trying to emulate dolphins right under people's noses.

Well,to me the main attraction will be the speedsters trying to leave each other gasping for breath on the race track.I am particularly interested in the steeplechase race.

In this race,there is an unwritten code,that for anyone to win it,they've got to have some Kenyan Origins.That should actually mean that U.S Presidential candidate Barrack Obama would make a good steeplechaser.What makes these guys so good at their thing?

These guys grow up while being trained on how to jump over bushes,while looking after cattle.Eventually,they notice that there is some free money being offered by guys around,just to watch them doing their hobby.

The monopoly in the race has been brought about by this one factor.These guys have been doing it since childhood and anyone else who wishes to excel will have to go to the homeland of steeplechasing,and learn the trade...Jumping over bushes and running after cattle.
Good luck to all steeplechasers!