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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The champions league is here!!
Hmmmh,first there was the golden league,where those who were blessed with legs that have superchargers,go at each other for some bars of gold worth 1Million dollars!!Then there was the Tri-Nations where men who have had world food eating records usually go for some brawls in the open to find out who exactly has eaten the most food and consequently become much bigger.

Then the olympics which more or less just accumulates almost every other sport that mankind ever decided to come up with to get rid of the disease called boredom,and people worldwide were soooo enthralled by some performances of some guys whose muscles are not so human and have great endurance ability.

Now,the entertainment that rocks is here again,featuring some Millionaires who still flaunt their childhood hobbies of juggling theDonkey-leather-covered sample of air aka soccer ball,amongst themselves while trying to slot it into a space that is netted.

The only talent they have is the ability to twist their leg 360 degrees while juggling the coveted piece of leather.This makes for some Grrrreat entertainment for my species....