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Monday, September 08, 2008

Olympics recap season 1 episdode 1
Yes this is where some swimmer by the names of michael phelps aka "Human Fish" has decided that he came along to the olympics with some eraser in hand and ended up erasing all previous records set in the 'human fish' competition.

This guy also proved that apart from his amphibian status,he also has a magnetic attraction for golden items,and he made those responsible keep dressing him up in round golden kind of things,the rewards for showing people how much of a human fish he can be.

So while everyone else was comfortably settling for just one of those golden items,this guy wanted the total loot,leaving the rest of those competing with him for the honors weeping all the way home and considering some options like suing Phelps for malicious damage to their egos...Crazy Human fishmen?