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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The other day,i was watching some interesting race.There is one notorious person in the the same racing game who is known to have been the champion like seven times in his racing life.Crazy party is that he has won any titles in the last 2 years and rumor has it that he can't retain his normal senses when he isn't winning anything.His name is Rossi.

The current champion,a stone faced man by the names of Casey Stoner,has recently been giving him a hiding on the tracks and wasn't about to let up,but Rossi decided that he cannot afford to have his minds messed again,so he decided to hang onto the motorbike and race like his life depended on it.The end result was a podium that had two people who could not shake hands with each other.

The guys who participate in this sport are known to have grown through a childhood where they started riding on every sort of animal,from chicken to ducks,goats,cattle(In their teenage).So the main thing they get used to is riding on stuff.

The main problem they get in life is that they end up walking all curled up,when mother nature dictates that they have to retire from their beloved habit.Racing anyone?