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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I was watching some crazy game over the weekend.This is the sort of game that should not have been carried foward from early man's days into the present.It is such an agressive game,many players end up on hospiatl beds for years.They call the game rugby.

The game has a relative in the United States called American football.The relative is a more watered down version that can even be played by kids.Some cowards/very intelligent people decided to insulate themselves by wearing metallic plates all over his body,till he looks like some being that resembles superman,gobletman..Or some other cartoon men.

Back to the weekend game that featured two of the best teams in the world.One from New Zealand,the guys who are very popular for the threats and intimidating stunts they met on their opponents before they play with them.The chant is called HAKA,and the team dresses in black.They are said to be the only team that plays the game the way it was played originally by the cave men thousands of years ago.This is one of the main reasons why they never get beaten so easily by their opponents.

The other team was from a neighbouring island and they are called the Wallabies.They learned their game by observing how Kangaroos jump around and try to emulate them on the pitch.The two teams with contrasting styles went on the pitch and the game was similar to some ancient war dance.

In this game,whenever a team chooses to go ancient with their dance,the team in black always prevails because they have the lineage of the founders of the game in their team.