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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Football season is here again(am talking about the REAL football here),and everyone is already hyping up how much this season will be hot.

Crazy things have been happening lately especially in the transfer market.There is a team called Man United which has American owners and coached by a Scot named Sir Ale Ferguson akak 'The Perpetual gum chewer,due to his habit of exercising his jaws with some products from wrigleys.It is usually said to be a mechanism for him to hold his nerves together,since he is usually on the verge of losing his nerves when watching his team play.

He is said to have been seriously addicted to these products more over the transfer season,since he dreaded losing one player from his team called Ronaldo.A man famous for his dribbling skills both on the pitch with the ball and off it with women.

Now Ronaldo wanted to leave Ferguson's team and head to spain and become a Matador wit some team called real Madrid.This sort of news was enpugh to give Sir Alex sleepless nights,and he had to make a special order for a truckload of wrigleys products,which he chewed onto 24/7 while keeping his phone always nearby to call his bosses,telling them to NEVER release the boy called Ronaldo,otherwise he would suffocate himself in 'Chewing gum'

In the end he must be chewing in delight after frustrating the attemted transfer and now wants to shop for another striker to add to his team that has strikers from goal keeper to number11.