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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unfair!!Yes that was the main word i used after watching the end of a certain game that was played recently.

Some guys call it boxing but i really think it should be one of those things that never changed through the course of evolution,it must have been one of early man's greatest pleasures.

So there were two guys at it;Some Mexican who goes by the name of Margarito and another Puerto Rican by the name Cotto.These two were supposed to practice early man's sport till one of them faints.

Funny thing is that the fainting should occur due to accumulation of forces on one's head,that emanate from the fists of the other.What would be funnier is that Cotto actually managed to pump his fists onto the chin of Margarito,but the other just could not faint,no matter how much he tried.

Eventually the Cotto guy lost lots of energy in the activity and started to forget that he was still in practice,instead,he though he was strolling on his way home.So the man whose chin took a beating started to revenge the same kind of VIP treatment upon his tormentor who fainted due to shock more than the fact that Margarito's fists were actually too cruel for him.

Such a cruel end for Cotto.Margarito should be investigated enough to find out what kind of substance he has placed within his jaws,because all the blows his chin received were enough to turn it into some sort of chicken feed.But given the fact that he still had it intact at the end of it all,raises the suspicion that he had installed a certain metal,or wood that absorbed the punishment.

This is the main reason why his opponent got shocked enough to make him faint,till he was feeried to the hospital.Unfair!!