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Saturday, July 12, 2008

There's this funny game they call soccer,which involves some 22 people running around a field chasing after some inflated air surrounded by donkey skin.

Funny enough these guys usually end up being millionaires by doing this crazy thing.What is funny is the habits that some of them adopt.

There was some so-called genius going by the name of Maradona who could do illegal things like scoring with his hand and still get a whole sect of humans in their 'normal ' senses worshiping him.The guy started snorting some white powder and soon turned into some heavy cabbage of a man.

The rest of the famous guys always end up doing some crazy thing.Like another they called Zidane who could control that inflated air covered with donkey skin,with any part of his body;Ear,nose,hair, name it.What he did one time was to start hallucinating while still on the pitch and started to envision an opponents body as a ball and proceeded to give him what they call a header.

The other guy could not respond and run on time,so he got caught by the almost metallic head of Zidane and was left rolling on the ground.Immediately,Zidane came to his sense after the episode,but it was too late as he got shown what is known as the red card.This is the sort of red painted piece of paper that indicates to a person that he is doing stuff on the pitch that he should be doing in his house.