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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unfair!!Yes that was the main word i used after watching the end of a certain game that was played recently.

Some guys call it boxing but i really think it should be one of those things that never changed through the course of evolution,it must have been one of early man's greatest pleasures.

So there were two guys at it;Some Mexican who goes by the name of Margarito and another Puerto Rican by the name Cotto.These two were supposed to practice early man's sport till one of them faints.

Funny thing is that the fainting should occur due to accumulation of forces on one's head,that emanate from the fists of the other.What would be funnier is that Cotto actually managed to pump his fists onto the chin of Margarito,but the other just could not faint,no matter how much he tried.

Eventually the Cotto guy lost lots of energy in the activity and started to forget that he was still in practice,instead,he though he was strolling on his way home.So the man whose chin took a beating started to revenge the same kind of VIP treatment upon his tormentor who fainted due to shock more than the fact that Margarito's fists were actually too cruel for him.

Such a cruel end for Cotto.Margarito should be investigated enough to find out what kind of substance he has placed within his jaws,because all the blows his chin received were enough to turn it into some sort of chicken feed.But given the fact that he still had it intact at the end of it all,raises the suspicion that he had installed a certain metal,or wood that absorbed the punishment.

This is the main reason why his opponent got shocked enough to make him faint,till he was feeried to the hospital.Unfair!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The other day,i was watching some interesting race.There is one notorious person in the the same racing game who is known to have been the champion like seven times in his racing life.Crazy party is that he has won any titles in the last 2 years and rumor has it that he can't retain his normal senses when he isn't winning anything.His name is Rossi.

The current champion,a stone faced man by the names of Casey Stoner,has recently been giving him a hiding on the tracks and wasn't about to let up,but Rossi decided that he cannot afford to have his minds messed again,so he decided to hang onto the motorbike and race like his life depended on it.The end result was a podium that had two people who could not shake hands with each other.

The guys who participate in this sport are known to have grown through a childhood where they started riding on every sort of animal,from chicken to ducks,goats,cattle(In their teenage).So the main thing they get used to is riding on stuff.

The main problem they get in life is that they end up walking all curled up,when mother nature dictates that they have to retire from their beloved habit.Racing anyone?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

There's this funny game they call soccer,which involves some 22 people running around a field chasing after some inflated air surrounded by donkey skin.

Funny enough these guys usually end up being millionaires by doing this crazy thing.What is funny is the habits that some of them adopt.

There was some so-called genius going by the name of Maradona who could do illegal things like scoring with his hand and still get a whole sect of humans in their 'normal ' senses worshiping him.The guy started snorting some white powder and soon turned into some heavy cabbage of a man.

The rest of the famous guys always end up doing some crazy thing.Like another they called Zidane who could control that inflated air covered with donkey skin,with any part of his body;Ear,nose,hair, name it.What he did one time was to start hallucinating while still on the pitch and started to envision an opponents body as a ball and proceeded to give him what they call a header.

The other guy could not respond and run on time,so he got caught by the almost metallic head of Zidane and was left rolling on the ground.Immediately,Zidane came to his sense after the episode,but it was too late as he got shown what is known as the red card.This is the sort of red painted piece of paper that indicates to a person that he is doing stuff on the pitch that he should be doing in his house.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hey!!yes you there....What are doing on this web page when you are supposed to be doing something better?Well i have been gone for some time now and almost thought that i was dead..Then i remembered that some crazy guys like you just want to read some crazy stuff..Resurrection time!!

Well,i have been watching plenty of what they call golf lately.You know that game where grown ups are busy swinging sticks to hit a tiny ball-like thing.I just wonder why guys have to keep sectioning large areas of land that has been so neatly groomed,for some grown-ups to come and use sticks to hit these balls inside the various holes dug up all over the field.

The worst part is that the whole game is ruled by one guy called Tiger.Rumor has it that the first words he said after being born were "I need some sticks!!".He became a close buddy to these sticks and would usually be seen hitting stones and related objects all over the lawn,gradually perfecting the "Art of hitting stones" A.K.A Golf.

If someone can be given all that money for hitting stones,then i'd better start another competition that would be more wacky...Hmmmmh...Like,who can spit the longest distance??!!Maybe and i need a world cup on it!!