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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Non-Starter Jokers
There were a couple of teams that have always served to just make an appearance at there world cup finals.Such teams as Saudi Arabia.

These guys come from region known for milking the ground for 'black gold'.If they could play as good football as they do the milking act,they'd be the kings of the world in terms this beautiful game.

....But not to be.The usually come to the pitch with every intention of heaping themselves at the goalmouth inorder not to embarass their King who usually watches their matches with nerves on edge.

Their main training technique includes pumping up their goalkeepers with a lot of cement-like material that should enable him to be a bit resistant to the pain inflicted by opponents shots and volleys which are usually coming endlessly.

The next thing the 'keeper has to do is to learn how to dive like a monkey for the ball.The training for this usually includes;taking him to the jungle to be trained by monkeys on that art!!

The end result usually is a team with an acrobatic 'keeper and a bunch of defenders!