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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Holland Aiming to Achieve at Last

The other team that finishes the Group of death is Holland aka the netherlands.This is one team whose goal in thye past has been to never reach the finals of a world cup unless the opponent is too willing.

They usually have some of the finest names in football in every generation,but they are usually trained to treat football tournaments a necessary burden.

So most of te times they end up having their holidays right inside the football stadium.As a result,they usually leave their opponents to roam around with the ball and get to beat them.This is because they usually want to leave the football tournaments to concentrate on the tough job of holidaying.

Word around is that they have had a change in mindset and decided to take things seriously due to a huge public outcry.

Argentina as Group of Death Favorites

The players from this country are well known for being able to ghst onto balls and poke them into the opponents goal ends.

They are trained in visibility matters whereby a player is taught how to pretend to be invisible to the opponents,and pounce on the ball once an opponent is relaxed with the ball.This technique is to be practiced in the opponents goalmouth areas

They also have a wierd type of play-acting,whereby they easily fall at the touch of an opponents shirt on them.This technique is acquired by training in swimming pools and diving schools.

A combination of these factors makes them some of the most dangerous opponents one can face in football.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Non Joking Ivorians

There is another team in the so-called group of death that hails from the continent of Africa.This team has players with special characters as well.

Many of these players honed their skills while running to school mostly barefooted as children.This aspect has worked to their advantage,such that they can outsprint a cheetah.This aspect of their game works for them such that when they get the ball,they end up leaving their opponents gasping for breath.

The only terrible aspect about it,is that they sometimes lose control of their braking system,so they find themselves running into people in the stands who are watching.

They also have well developed muscles.Their bulging muscular frames usually make someone think that some additional sort of material has been fixed inside their bodies.They resemble more of body builders than soccer players.

Thsi works to their advantage,because when an opponent just looks at their advancing frames,one usually leaves the ball alone and flees to the referee for refuge,so that he does not get hospitalised by the weird combination of speed and fridge-shaped bodies.

They acquire these types of physique by eating a double share of some traditional african food which contains some special properties than can bulge up the thinnest person to herculean proportions in just one day.

No Jokes in Group of Death

Every football tournament usually consists of groups within which team tussle out,but there's one particular group that people have always developed cold feet for,and is usually composed of teams with similar abilities to tear each other apart.

World cup 2006 had a very interesting group of death,four teams it had ,one of which hails from a volatile region called Serbia,allied to another country with a name that I'd take three days to pronounce.

The players from this region have perfected their skills while dodging bullets during war,so they evolved a form of soccer called,dodge-soccer,where the main aim is to dodge the ball and get the man coming with it.

Of course the end result has usually been matches whereby the referee has a field day dishing out cards especially the red type of cards

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cup Season

Well,this is the time when three quarters of all the eyes on planet earth are glued onto their screens watching millionaires kicking some inflated rubber and skin.Soccer time!!!

The combination of teams that have assembled themselves over there just for the sake of changing one line in the guiness book of world records

So, one of the top contenders includes teams like China,S.Korea and Japan who are accustomed to mixing their soccer with some warlike activities.Some of their tactics include:Chanting war cries in place of the words for their National anthems to get in the mood for war.

They also practice some of those karate chops on the field,upon the opposing team's most dangerous players.

The referee is not spared either as they usually ensure that the match will be card free by secretly replacing the actual yellow and red cards with some color like blue then apply some color blinding tactics on the referee to stop him from seeing the right colors.

These are dangerous contenders!!