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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Samba Time!
Yes!Brazil happens to be one country with such a rich tradition when it comes to the game called soccer.

These guys are so skillful when it comes to that game that crowds are always left in an awed state after that.

They always prepare for soccer from their youth,using a ball and alot of the samba dance.This is what is responsible for their colourful displays whenever they get to the pitch.

They actually plan to hit their opponents by displaying different styles of the Samba dance,such that their opponents let down their guard in the process,then the samba boys will make a swift move with the ball and score before their opponents recover.

This process is repeated several times according to the opponents susceptibility the goals will vary in amount due to this.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Spanish Matadors?

The spaniards were off the block like charging bulls and i only hope they don't run into some matadors who will waste their efforts.

In the past,spain has had the best teams on paper but they usually felt like such tourneys as world cup are an unnecessary so they usually made sure that they added the word mediocre to their nice football,such that they would never reach so far.

Most of their players would have so much fun off the pitch that they would properly sustain only some 15 minutes of play and ask for substitution.

This time though,it seems they wre the Matadors,fooling their opponents into allowing their goal mouths to be soaked by goals made in Spain.

And so they marched on......